1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

Nissan, wanting to build a world-class sports car, spared no expense in designing and engineering this car.  For this twin turbo the only option was leather seats.  83,000 were sold in N America from 1990 -1996 when production ended.  It was met with raves from the automotive press every year…Motor Trend 1990 Import Car of the Year, Automobile Magazine 1990 Design of the Year…a total of 15 ‘best’ awards (90-96) from the four most recognized enthusiast magazines.  There were some racing awards like the E/BMS land speed record of 269.87 mph from the 1991 Bonneville Speed Trial.
Of 83,000 cars produced just 15% were turbos and the Nissan factory tells me that about 5% were black with black leather.  This seems to be the color of choice.  The turbo engine and auto trans were different in many ways from a ‘Z’ with the n.a. engine and auto trans….you cannot bolt a turbo to an n.a. engine; the result is disastrous.
1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-06 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-05 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-12 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-13 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-15 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-11 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-07 1990-Nissan-300ZX-Turbo-09