End of Year Summary

Car Appraisals & Claims Releases End of Year Summary: More Than 8,100 Reports Processed in 2015.


The Southeast region’s top auto appraisal company sets a record year.




Car Appraisals & Claims (CAC), the leading vehicle appraisal company in the south, is celebrating a record year, 8,103 claims processed in 2015.


Serving the entire southeast region, CAC provides its clients with vehicle valuation reports for various insurance claims.


As an independent car appraisal company, CAC’s services are requested by a multitude of clients including:


  • Insurance Carriers
  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Insurance Defense Attorneys
  • Vehicle Owners
  • Local Governments
  • Leasing Companies
  • Rental Companies


Launched in 2007 by Tony Rached, CAC operates several subsidiaries including:


  • Diminished Value of Georgia
  • Diminished Value Carolina
  • Atlanta Auto Appraiser
  • US
  • TrueFrame of Georgia


“2015 was a breakthrough year for our company”, says Tony Rached, CEO; “we increased sales by 40% year over year and moved to a bigger location which we own”, he added.


If the growth continues at this pace, CAC is on target to process 12,000 files with gross sales of $2.3 Million in 2016.

CAC offers a variety of professional services including but not limited to:


  • Diminished Value Car Appraisals
  • Total Loss Appraisals
  • Charity Car Appraisals
  • Actual Cash Value Appraisals
  • Classic Car Appraisals
  • Loss of Use Reports
  • Vehicle Damage Reports
  • TrueFrame Structural Reports
  • Mediation and Umpire Services
  • Expert Court Testimony
  • Claims Processing and Settlement

Car Appraisals & Claims Releases End of Year Summary