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Diminished Value Appraisals

Diminished Value is the loss in resale value a vehicle suffers after an accident. Regardless of the quality of work, a buyer is more likely to offer less for a wrecked and repaired vehicle and will always prefer one that’s never been damaged.

Attorney how-to guide on handling Diminished Value claims.

Total Loss Car Appraisals

Most insurance carriers total out a vehicle when the cost of repair exceeds 75% of the actual cash value.
CAC’s valuation report measures the exact pre-accident amount by examining local comparables and adjusting the value to match the vehicle in question.

TrueFrame Report

TrueFrame inspections involve a structural review of the vehicle, vehicles that meet the TrueFrame Structural Standards are eligible to receive a TrueFrame Report.

TrueFrame Reports include a cosmetic body score (32 to 100) along with an indication that the vehicle meets the TrueFrame structural standards.

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